Student Voice

Student Voice

Student voice involves students actively participating in their schools, communities and the education system, contributing to decision making processes and collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, concerns and ideas.

At our school this takes a number of forms. Our students generate and run a lunchtime clubs program that allows them to pursue their own interests They also have a degree of choice over the content and format of much of their STEM, Arts and Integrated studies projects.

Our Junior School Councillors have the leading role in all of our school events and take an active part in fundraising and school improvement projects.

Students Agency

Student Agency is about giving the students the necessary skills to be independent and successful learners. Students who have a strong sense of agency can do the following things well

  • Understand how they learn best
  • Understand how to set their goals
  • Understand hot to give and receive feedback

As the school year unfolds we will update this page to share examples of how our Kingsbury kids own and impact their own learning.

Reflections on Athletics Day

Thanks to our Grade 3 /4 students who contributed

Some of the students from Grade 3 / 4 B provided some reflections about the day as well as some advice for someone going in the sports for the first time.

Chau Anh and Mai were both a little bit nervous about being in the sports at first but at the end of the day they felt very pleased that they had taken part in the sports. Chau Anh was in a quite difficult event (the high jump) but she persisted and ended up coming second. Mai enjoyed all of the events that she was in and was able to get ribbons in both an individual and a team event

Chau Anh (Advice) “ Try your best and don’t be nervous”

Mai (Advice) “ Winning is good but having fun is also important”

Sao had a busy day and really enjoyed being in the Cross -Ball and the 100 metres sprint. Sao enjoyed the 100 metres because she came first . She felt quite excited about being in the sports and will be more confident next time around.

Lucas had a very busy program and participated in six events. At the end of such a demanding day  was quite understandably very tired. Lucas was able to get ribbons in the teams events-however the big big effort was getting a ribbon in the 800 metres

Sao (Advice) ‘ You should look forward to the sports because it’s a lot of fun”

Lucas (Advice)” Don’t worry about being in lots of events just have a rest, some water and just do the next one”

For Coca and Shanon it was their first sports and they were a little bit nervous at the start of the day. They especially enjoyed the tunnel ball event and they were very successful doing it as well with them both getting ribbons. Coca was also in the 75 metres and he was able to finish first in this event. Shanon was in the 100 metres which he found challenging but was glad he went in it

Shanon (Advice) “It is good if you practice for your event because it can help you to improve”

Coca  (Advice) “I also think it is important to practice and it’s a great idea to warm up before your event