Kingsbury Primary School


Welcome to Kingsbury Primary School and taking the time to visit our website. We will be gradually moving towards our web pages being created by, and targeted towards our students. I would invite you to click on the Student Voice tab to read about our students impression of our school. At Kingsbury we are embedding three key elements of High Expectation schools.

  • Our classrooms are calm and orderly and interactions between teachers and students grounded in respect and care
  • Our teachers explicitly plan for the individual needs of our students. Collaboration and Teamwork are the school and community values that determine how we work
  • The Kingsbury school and community stand together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students. We encourage our families to be active partners in their child learning journey throughout the year.

We are enormously proud of the feedback our school received form our students. They have overwhelmingly indicated they feel connected to their teachers and peers, that the learning environment is stimulating and supportive and that there is a very high level of student safety.

The positive and safe learning environment that we have established has allowed our students to flourish socially, personally and academically. We look forward to continuing this focus on Well-Being and Learning during 2024 and beyond.

If you are interested in finding out more about our fantastic school please contact us

All the best for now

Brett Millott

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