School Lunch Provision

Canteen IconSchool Lunch Provision

Kingsbury Primary School has a range of options for school lunches.

On any day of the week, students can bring their own packed lunch from home. Food in thermos containers is acceptable, but teachers are unable to heat food up for students. We encourage a minimum of rubbish, so if you can send ‘nude food’, that is food packed in a reusable container without packaging, please do so. Students will no longer be able to take rubbish outside from Term Three.

We will offer the following options on Wednesday to Friday.
  • On Wednesday and Friday you may choose to order from our new online service- Classroom Cuisine. Meals should be ordered prior to 8.30am so they can be delivered to your child at lunchtime. There are lots of healthy and delicious options. Please see the menu attached and log on to Classroom Cuisine to register.
  • On Thursday, our parent volunteers, led by Cindy Hodgson will open our school canteen with a limited menu. Orders will be placed via the classroom. Please see the menu attached.

We desperately need volunteers to assist on Thursdays between 11.00am and 2.00pm. If you can assist, please contact the school office.

From Term Three, students will no longer be able to have rubbish outside, other than in the designated eating area. Once all lunch is finished and rubbish in the bin, they will be free to play.