Respectful Relationships

Respectful Relationships IconRespectful Relationships

Respectful Relationships is an initiative of the Victorian Government to support schools and early childhood education settings promote and model respect and equality. It also supports educators to teach our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.

At Kingsbury Primary School, we ensure that each child in our care receives tools and strategies to live, happy, health and prosperous lives.

Our approach to Respectful Relationships is a whole-school model for those who work, visit and learn here. Everyone at Kingsbury is respected, valued and treated equally. A culture of respect is found across our school in:

  • Classrooms
  • Staffrooms
  • Sporting events
  • Social situations

This approach leads to positive impacts on students’ academic outcomes, their mental health, classroom behaviour and relationships with others.

A range of resources have been provided for classroom tuition and support. The 8 topics in the RR curriculum include:

1. Emotional Literacy- the ability to understand ourselves and other people.
2. Personal strengths- recognising and understanding strength and positive qualities in themselves and others.
3. Positive coping- identifying and discussing different types of coping strategies.
4. Problem solving- assisting students to develop the skills needed for problem solving.
5. Stress management- teaching positive approaches to stress management and assisting young people to recognise personal signs of stress.
6. Help-seeking- find support when problems are too big to solve on your own.
7. Gender and Identity- challenging stereotypes and understanding human rights
8. Positive gender relationships- ensuring that students can solve problems without the use of gender-based violence.

All topics are covered at a level suitable for the age of the students involved, taught by their classroom teacher in conjunction with peers. Combined with the Berry Street Education Model, the introduction of this program in 2017 has seen many positive impacts across our student cohort. Please talk to your child’s classroom teacher if you would like to see examples of the Respectful Relationships activities.