School Improvement Teams

Student Learning:

Our school goal is to improve student outcomes in English and Mathematics by lifting student achievement to be equal to or above the state level. Our focus is to build the capacity of teachers to develop, implement and reflect on their practices and effectively use data to inform teaching and student learning.

Our data is used routinely by Teaching Teams to identify student cohorts in order to plan, implement and monitor precise intervention strategies.

Our aim is that 90% of all students deemed capable be at or above standard in accordance with the AusVELS and that or NAPLAN data for Year 3 and Year 5 is at or above the State mean.

Individual Learning Plans for students at risk of underachieving are developed in consultation with the student, parent and teachers. 

Mrs Simone Bevan

Pathways and Transition

Our school has three transition goals:

  • To improve student transitions from home/kindergarten to primary school and from primary school to secondary school.
  • To improve student transition programs, ensuring that all students entering Kingsbury at a time other than the commencement of prep are managed and supported.
  • For a smooth and sucessful transition from one year level to the next and that we cater to the needs of students who enter our school at various times throughout the school year.

Our aim is that parents and students indicate on a school developed survey that they experienced a positive transition process. Our school has collected local base-line data that shows 90% of students and parents indicate a positive transition was experienced.
A future goal is that the strong Parent Opinion Survey transition score is maintained or if possible increased .

Mr Christopher Hinsley

Student Engagement and Wellbeing:

We are pleased with the level of student attendance at our school. The school performance measure shows our school attendance rates in the highest level. The average attendance for all students was 92.2%. Improved student attendance and "time on task" has been a focus of our school over the last three years and will continue to be so in order to further reduce absenteeism. Our data shows that we are achieving results equal to those of schools with similar characteristics but attendance is markedly affected by extended family holidays.

The overall Student Attitudes to School survey results are at a similar level to other schools on adjusted school performance measures.Our continuing improvement focus is to ensure a whole school focus on wellbeing programs, welfare and discipline. Teachers will continue to use agreed effective whole school behavioural management strategies.
Student Attitude Data demonstrates an improvement on 2009 reports with our school score now above the state median.
Enrichment Programs available:

Students are able to participate in additional programs Keyboard, Hip Hop dance, guitar. and drums
All classes complete a weekly session of Physical Education, Drama and Visual Art with grade 5/6 competing in interschool sports and special programs throughout the year.

Mr Wayne Bolton



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