School Council

Purpose: The Council is the governing body of the school. The Council oversees the management of the school by the principal. School Council listens to the voice of the community and prepares an annual report to explain the year’s achievements. The Council assists in the formulation of the School Strategic Plan, the driving planner for school improvement over a 4-year period, and then takes part in the formal review. The School Council is directly responsible for the management of funds and school resources. The Council presents school achievement data and the Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership: the Kingsbury School Council has a membership of 14 adults. All members are elected by the school parent community; the majority of members represent the parent group. There are four DEECD members as well as the principal. The council may co-opt 2 additional community representatives due to their specialised skills or knowledge. Most Council meetings are open to parents, either in person or by presentation of a Question on Notice for Council. Only duly elected Council members are entitled to cast a vote at meetings.

Elections: Half of the Council retires each year and the vacancies are filled following a formal election process. This occurs each March and is widely advertised through the school. Any parent of a child at the school may nominate for a position. Nomination forms are available at the school Office during February.

Sub-Committees: For business to operate smoothly, Council facilitates the following active sub-committees

- Teaching and Learning –Wellbeing
 - Transition - Buildings and Grounds Facilities
- Finance and Fundraising - School Uniform
- Community Relations/Community Partnerships
- Out of School Hours Care – Canteen
- Playgroup

Other sub-committees may be created to satisfy an ad hoc requirement. Most committees meet a minimum of once each term. They report directly to Council. Council meets on the Third Thursday of each month at 7:30pm in the school Staff Room, meetings conclude at 9:30pm.

School Council Governance Rules


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