Visual Arts and Technology

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The Visual Arts and Technology program at Kingsbury Primary School is designed and planned in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum. It focuses on exploring a wide variety of media with the goal of engaging and motivating students. 

The Visual Arts and Technology curriculum aims to develop student’s:

  • Conceptual and perceptual ideas and expressions through design and inquiry processes.
  • Visual arts techniques, materials, processes and technologies
  • Critical and creative thinking, using visual arts languages, theories and practices to apply aesthetic judgment

  • Respect for and acknowledgement of the diverse roles, innovations, traditions, histories and cultures of artists, craftspeople, designers, curators, critics and commentators
  • Respect for visual arts as social and cultural practices, including industry practices
  • Confidence, curiosity, imagination and enjoyment and a personal aesthetic through engagement with visual arts making, viewing, discussing, analysing, interpreting and evaluating.