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Since 2018 all Kingsbury Primary students have participated in two hour long, specialist delivered, Science Lessons each week. Two teachers have been trained over two years by participating in the State Government’s Primary Mathematics and Science Specialist training program. Practical and hands on investigations are presented in line with the Victorian Curriculum.

The program is based around the Primary Connections resource developed by the Australian Academy of Science which links hands on, engaging and structured Investigations with activities in writing, reading and language in order for understandings to be demonstrated. The Department’s Science Proficiencies are incorporated into the learning programs at each level. These proficiencies are Investigating, Understanding and Interpreting Scientific Evidence which lead to a Productive Scientific disposition in students and having them link Science, society and their personal lives.

The Foundation, Grade One and Grade Two students are in the process of establishing a Kitchen Garden as a part of their science program. They grow plants from seed and will be planting more vegetables and other foods to harvest and prepare into meals as the infrastructure develops. The school has recently invested significantly in coding and robotic technologies including a 3D printer. Students have increasing involvement with this initiative. Aspects of Engineering are also developed in science lessons with regular tasks presented to students requiring them to use construction and other manipulable materials to achieve specific goals.

The school celebrates National Science Week each year with a day of special presentations, multi-age group activities and a dress up theme. In conjunction with this, families and the larger community are invited to the school on the evening of Science Day for activities to experience what the school is offering their children.

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