Physical Education

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Kingsbury Primary School’s Health and Physical Education program is designed to meet Victorian Curriculum standards. Sport, Physical Education and Recreation are essential components of a viable and healthy lifestyle. Our program intends to link our students to opportunities to connect with their environment and peers through Physical Education, and create lifelong positive relationships with Sport and Recreation.

The program aims to develop Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS), physical, mental and social fitness components, game play and tactical knowledge, understanding of body movements and patterns and the ability to learn through movement. Through these concepts, students will be able to perform physical tasks for life, in addition to specific physical activities and skills for performance. Students will develop an understanding of themselves, and those around them through emotional intelligence, identity, leadership, resilience and communication.

Through strong community links with local sporting clubs and organisations, students are provided with expert coaching in a variety of sports, including Gymnatics, Soccer, Football, Cricket and Tennis through the Sporting Scjools Program. As a member of the Keon Park District Sports Association (KPDSA) and School Sports Victoria (SSV), students in Years 3-6 represent Kingsbury Primary School in individual and team inter-school sports throughout the year.

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