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If my child is away, do I have to let the school know?

Yes.  We are required by law to record and report attendance.  If your child is going to be absent for a day or an extended period of time, perhaps due to illness, it is important to let us know.  You can telephone the school to notify us and, provide a note with a brief explanation to your child’s teacher on the day of their return.  For extended absences (eg. due to travel), you will need to provide a letter stating the dates your child will not be in attendance.

Is school uniform compulsory?

Whether within school grounds or outside on excursion, we want our students to feel proud and representative of our whole school community, therefore, wearing of school uniform is a requirement.  We have a uniform shop on site where parents can fit, order and purchase.  There is also a limited amount of second hand uniform available for purchase.

Can my child bring a mobile phone or electronic devices to school?

We understand that some students have a mobile phone as a safety measure when travelling to and from school, however, once at school students are required to deposit their mobile phone at the main office until dismissal at the end of the day.

If a student brings an electronic device to school, parents should note that the school holds no liability (in part or whole) for loss or damage to devices should it occur.

If my child needs medication at school, what do I need to do and who do I need to advise?

If a student requires prescription medication parents will need to supply it in its original packaging with prescription labelling identifying child, dosage and medication times to the main office for administration by staff.

If a student requires non prescription medication parents will need to supply a signed note identifying child, dosage and medication times to the main office authorising administration by staff.

If I am late to collect my child, what will happen?

We recommend parents arrive at school 5 – 10 minutes before dismissal at 3.30pm or 1.30pm for last day of term.  If you are going to be late you can notify the main office and we can inform your child and their teacher.  This minimises the possibility of anxiety for your child.

You can complete an enrolment form for your child in our After School Care Program which ensures alternative care can be arranged for your child if you are going to be late or in an emergency.

Can I help in my child’s class?

We welcome parent involvement in their child’s learning journey.  Some participation may be listening to children reading, assisting teachers with classroom activities, volunteering at our canteen, or participating in Parent Group.  All volunteers at school are required to obtain a Working with Children Check.  As a volunteer this can be applied for at no cost.  We are happy to advise and assist you through the process if you wish to volunteer.